Life is but ….

When one mentions about life, people jump into conclusion that life is having soul and body! That is a very limited way of thinking since life is beyond being alive. There are many people having soul and body, form and matter, as some philosophers would call this state, but they have no experience of what life is. They cannot be said to be living and at the same time they cannot be dismissed as not living. Life is a mystery and this does not mean that we leave it buried in that mysterious tent. We have to unravel it though we cannot completely unravel it.

To unravel the mystery of life means to use our full potentiality. For instance, why do we eat? If one has no reason of eating, he is not alive. Thus, one has to unravel the reason for eating and put it into full potentiality. Some have erroniously said that we eat to live, trying to cab the habit of people living only to eat. But if somebody is totally in a comma, can that person continue living without eating? I would say Yes. Our internal organs don’t need bodily energy to function. Going back to the example of eating, if one has realized the reason of eating, let him eat as much as he can. The hedonist were right in stating that life is a pleasure. Pleasure here should also not be miscontrued to mean only the absence pain. Even saddist, schadenfreude, non-suicidal self injury (NSSI) and masochist have their pleasurable moments.

To cut this short, life, live it to the fullest.  


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