I am black and beautiful 


Those who call themselves superior race need to apologise for atrocities they made to Africans. The blacks developed genes that are both patient and highly reactive. They are patience and tolerant but when pushed to wall the past pain pushes boost them like a rocket geared to Mercury. That rocket will pass with everything that it come across and leave few casualties if any. 

I reflect on the Dallas shooting and see that there has been a lot of patience with the Black Americans. That means there was a pot boiling and had at one given moment to explode. Though angry it seems, the better it did at that given moment because in future the explosion would be fatal.

The world has to think and rethink about such things and apologise to those races who have been trappled down for long. Not only Africans, even Red Indians and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander etc. If their remnants are still kept under feet, they will one day raise up. The ideology of revolution is in each and every man and highly triggered by mistreatments and disrespect of their dignity.

I don’t support the Dallas shooting but it is an eye opener. A black man by name Obama asked for the renewal of gun ownership law in State but those who think that there is nothing good that can come from black man shot the motion down. It is high time they see Obama had a good vision and good will for all.

I am black and beautiful (Solomon says)


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