Advise to Parents

​unearthed open letter to all parents in Kenya.

Halo Kenyan parents, am proud of you for having sired a child and nursed them and then brought them to me as a teacher to impart knowledge in them.
 All year long, I have spent most of my time with your child and many more other children. I will not talk just about your child but about all children in our beloved country. Beloved parent, your child is coming home for a long vacation about two months, nearly the same time you took during your maternity/

paternity leave. Kindly find it in your heart to take time as you did then and help your child grow morally, spiritually and socially. Here at school, our main aim is to teach. We teach the syllabus that is already overloaded… too broad and irrelevant for your child.
 Please stop whining and complaining that the holiday is too long dear parent. In fact it should be longer than two months so that you parent properly. The teenagers you give us can’t learn much me a teacher. There’s so much information from many sources that they get exposed to. Check what they do online. Ensure they don’t attend white parties and sex orgies. I try my best that your child learns to be upright, focused and successful academically. Its too much for me as a person. But parent, in college I wasn’t taught to parent. I will use my experiences which may not work for your child.
 There’s pressure to finish syllabuses, which is hardly done given that most schools just third World while others have no basic infrastructure like classes or toilets… I hope You watch news…. I know the economic pressure on you as a parent… maybe you have three, four five or even ten children. They are yours. carry your burden squarely and stop escapism. Don’t be careless with your children. They are the future of this nation. For a while pretend to be nice to them…. usually you are not… Go to the mosque/temple/

church with them. Show them how to do basic chores… Teach them not to be corrupt or immoral like most adults/parents…hope you are not.
 Stop fighting and abusing each other in presence of your children.Mend your relationship as a couple and let your children learn family values…. for those who are still married… hold on …suspend the divorce or separation for their sake… .stop raising them with stolen money or money corruptly obtained. Teach them the value of hard work. Stop calling them names… you cow… umbwa hii… unakaa kama Mama yako… hii ujinga ni ya kwa baba yenu….Look at their performance, be concerned and instill a sense of responsibility in them. 
Don’t send them to the grannies to reduce the burden of feeding them. No. Stay with then. Watch over them. I am doing my part here in school beloved parent. Do yours please. I am not a baby sitter for goodness sake. Doesn’t it bother you that I have to teach and parent? A responsibility you have abdicated for too long??? Study the character of your child,… 
I hope you will not be surprised that they are not anything near what you cherish as family… Teach them about honesty and integrity even if you have no idea what that is… I have invigilated end of year exam and most of the children are stealing the simple exams meant to assess their learning. it might not be your child but look, that affects them too. .. do they steal at home too? I don’t have a whole day to lecture you parent, you know how best you can raise your child. The TV at home belongs to you.. be in charge. Stop reporting to me during academic day that your child watches too much TV…..I can assure you we are giving your child enough homework supervise that work….
 January is coming soon. Don’t squander all the fees on Christmas and New Year celebrations…. when they come back ensure fees is paid and you buy boarders personal effects….


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