Islam phobia need to be declared as a hazardous to humanity. This has been growing steadly and of late it has reached to remote villages of Karahari desert. That is how sad it is.

To lay foundation to worries and reflection,  I would put forward to you a case of which I am not only eye witness but a victim.

Fews days ago, August 10, to be exact, I was stopped by the police and taken custody after handing over my documents. I had not seen anything bad when they stopped me and asked for my documents but the 20 minutes that I spent with them was more shocking to me traumatizing.

In as much as they are trained to be friendly, not like Kenyans police for those who know them or have been in their hands. One of the villagers had called the police hotline after spotting me in my white cussock strolling around. For the caller, I was a Muslim with white and was imigrant. Yes it’s true I am an imigrant but being a Muslim I might be in the sense I am have freedom of professing any faith but I have not yet professed Islam. The grilling went on till one of the police noticed my Celebrat with Holy See Logo.

This made me to reflect alot how this islamophobia is taking root and unless checked mighy turn out to be a timed bomb.

Many if us have seen clips in social media and in particular in Facebook of the guy wearing the white gown goes and throw a bag to some people and some are breaking their legs running away.

In any Radio or TV you listen to, news cant end without being panctuated by a name Muslim. Any Newspaper is always decorated by Muslim ‘s news if not about the coun must have a Celebrat. 

This has not  


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