Second Week, Ordinary Time, Saturday, 21-01-2017

St. Agnes of Rome, Virgin and Martyr 

Hebrews 9:2-3, 11-14; Mark 3:20-21

Some few days ago, a young man from my village told his parents that he want to go to Abruzzo to offer his charitable service to those affected by gracia and earthquake. His parents would not help asking why cant he do something else productive like normal young men do. Yesterday we reflected on the “essential personnel” that during normal times are highly not recognised. Because even after charitable chores we may ask can’t they do something productive.

Maybe that was why the relatives of Jesus were worried about Him and thought that He was mental.

He had already done certain things that they were not prepared for and didn’t know how to handle.

He burned his carpentry certificate that he had earned from his father’s school of carpentry and closed down the only known furniture shop in Nazareth which he had inherited from his dad Joe.

He threw away the security of a job and only source of income to his widowed mother Maria and left home to become an itinerary preacher if not paripartetic one.

He threw stone in police station when He took on the scribes and Pharisees. (You can’t get away with that and in fact, He didn’t.)

He didn’t bother about what would people say regarding His “mungiki” friends comprising of dangerous terrorist like zealots and “kanjo.”

Following Jesus involves taking risks. We may have to throw away our superficial security, hang up our flimsy safety precautions and turn a deaf ear to the criticisms and discouragement around us.

But when others think that we are out of our minds, or maybe when we wonder if we ourselves are out of our minds, then Jesus will come and take charge of us.

Young Agnes followed Jesus’ footsteps and preserved her virginity against all odds. To many it may seen crazy but now she is among saints and one of the seven women in Roman Canon.

St. Agnes pray for us.

Santa Teresa di Lisieux, ora pro nobis


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