Little Flower’s Reflection


(Hebrews 10:1-10; Mark 3:31-35)

For those who normally do meditations, the greatest question they ask themselves is “what is their purpose in life?” This trickle down to the idea of the will of God for each and everyone of us.

In the same tone we need also to ask ourselves what do we want to achieve. It is not enough to know the will of God but also our will also.

When we know what we want, then we will go and get it done. It is almost as simple as that. We will put all mechanism to achieve it.

It may sound rude but I read a twitter of Alai the other day where he told one of the daughter of a politician that politics is not sexually transmitted. I need not apologise to quote Mr Alai but the message is clear.

The gospel of today is telling us the same. We should not brag of our Blood relationship but what is important is to do the will of God.

When relatives of Jesus came looking for him, he was not rude but wanted to tell them where they should be also.

The mother and brothers and sisters of Jesus were asking for Him. But do they know what they want from Him? Do they know why they were asking for Him in the first place?
And that brings us to the first reading when it said – God, here I am! I am coming to do your will.

When we ask what is God’s will for us, then we must be prepared to put our lives into His hands and like Mary at the Annunciation, we must be ready to say Fiat;”Be it done according to Your will”.

And like Mary who had to learn moment by moment how to be the mother of Jesus and to do God’s will, may we learn moment by moment how to be brothers and sisters of Jesus and do God’s will.

As we continue praying for Christian unity let’s recognise the will of Jesus which is clear in his priestly prayer in John 17; “Ut unum sint” (may all be one).


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