Little Flower’s Reflection 

​Ss. Timothy and Titus, Feast

Thursday, January 26, 2017

(2 Tim 1:1-4; Mark 4.21-25)

St. Pope John Paul II, when he was elected a pope in 1978, dedicated his pontificate to Mother Mary. This is seen from the beginning as he made his coat of arms.

Beside the usual emblem of the cross, there is the unmistakable blue-coloured letter M on the lower half of the shield. This was a public demonstration of his devotion to Mary and of his constant need for her intercession.

I am not left aside since my priestly logo has Mother Mary apart from rose flowers sign of St. Theresa of Lisieux.

Indeed the faith of Mary and of her intercession, as well as that of other women in the Bible, had been a pillar of strength in the Church.

In today’s first reading, we hear of St. Paul affirming the faith of two women – Lois who was Timothy’s grandmother, and Eunice who was Timothy’s mother.

It was these two women who sowed the seeds of faith in Timothy.

In the current situation of the shortage of vocations to the priesthood and the religious life, the role of women in the family and in the Church is highlighted.

If ever someone answers the call of God to serve as a priest or a religious, we can be quite certain that the answer to God’s call was most likely influenced by the mother.

It is the faith of the mother that nourished and strengthened the faith of her child in answering God’s call.

May mothers find their inspirations and their role model in Mary, who is Mother of the Church, and may their prayers strengthen the faith of the Church.

With this we honour all women who support the mission of the church in different ways and pray they be given a charitable heart as the more they give the more they will be given by God. Since one who hasn’t even what s/he has will be taken away.

May they keep their light on top of the lampstands to continue lighting the way for their children.

May BVM, St.Theresa of Lisieux, Ss. Timothy and Titus pray for us


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