End of Egoism 

A pastor was giving a seminar to about 100 people. He gave them each an inflated balloon of the same colour and asked each participant to write his or her name on it.

He then put all the balloons in a big hall and asked them to get in and find the balloon with his or her name.

What followed were ten minutes of total confusion as the people stepped and pushed each other. He then told them to stop. “Just take any balloon and give it to the owner.” Within two minutes, every one had  found back his balloon.

Such is our life. We can only find success in it by serving others for in serving others we end up serving ourselves. We need to eliminate egoism and learn to offer ourselves for others.

Today, be guided by these beautiful words by Mahatma Ghandi. THE BEST WAY TO FIND YOUR LIFE IS TO LOSE IT IN THE SERVICE OF OTHERS.



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