Little Flower’s Reflection

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

(Genesis 6.5-8,7.1-5,10; Mark 8.14-21)
In the Bible, we have never heard God complaining about any other creature he created. It’s is only man. While creating man God had a lot of expectation on him and that is why he shared with man His own image and much more He did the moulding Himself. That show how special man is in the eyes of God. But it is unfortunate that man continue perpetuating his pride.

The authors of the the verses we have read today from Genesis couldn’t find any other explanation on how God was feeling about man. Thus they uses the words “regret” and “grieved.” This is only because of our human limitation since an act of God regreting or grieving is just enough to anihilate mankind.

Thus we are led to the mercy of God in listenig and looking with favour at least one just man called Noah. Through him, seven of his household and animals were saved.

In the Gospel we see now a little bit of grattony and egoism. The disciples are concentrating on filling their stomachs instead of the warning being given by Jesus. Like in the time of Noah, the disciples had signs but their eyes were blocked by worldly things. Jesus had already fed a whole village and yet the disciples were thinking about their one bread!

Even in the modern world we see many people concentrating on their ego and forgetting the creator. Some killing unborn children because they don’t want to lose their figure 8! Claiming “my body my choice!”Not remembering they are just clay and to dust they will return. It’s regrettable when we see a dog saving a thrown away baby. An animal without intellect has knowledge that baby belong to a home not a dustbin where an “intellectual” couldn’t differentiate!

This is just an example. I’ve nothing against daughters of Sarah but since the world population is evidently showing women outnumber men, thus, the future of the world and relation of humanity with the creator is in women’s hands.

We may not have another Noah’s ark but final judgement is eminent. We may not see animals saving those babies but fire descending from heaven. Herods and Pharisee are creating a new order and they are using the weak one to perpetuate their order. Let us be forewarned and turn to Jesus because in Him only we trust.

St. Cyril and St. Methodus helped the Slovenic to know God, may through their intercession help us to return to swallow our pride and return to our God.

St. Theresa of Lisieux, pray for us.


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