Little Flower’s Reflection

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

(Genesis 8:6-13, 20-22; Mark 8:22-26)

Water is known for not only giving life but also washing and making something clean. In the case of the time of Noah, God dicided to clean the earth off the sinful generation and saving just seven people and few animals.

Now after the earth was clean we may tend to ask where did the new sinful generation come from? We see some remnants of sinful generation first depicted by angel Raven. He original sin which is pride now is changing its face and tsking the face of disobedience. Angel Raven when she was sent by Noah couldn’t come back. Her disobedience is original sin reloaded. No wander raven is black.

Second angel was the dove. She came back and reported that the God was now rinsing the earth after washing it heavenly detergents. After fullness of time (seven mean complete), the good angel dove was sent again and came back reporting that God was now ironing the already cleaned and dried earth and putting perfumes. This is seen in form of olive branch perfume good angel dove stole from God’s Drycleaner shop. The faithful and obedient good angel dove was sent away and this time with instruction to make a full survey of tge earth. Before he transversed North to South and East to West, Noah got impatient and opened the ark. Maybe some survivers entered into mud immediately on stepping out of the ark and muddy (evil) life returned. That is what now we are dealing with.

Mud entered the eyes and blindness set in and God has now ti send Jesus to clean them. Since He vowed never to use much water, the usage of water to clean cannot be negated. Jesus had to use spittle, little water. He washed and then rinsed the eyes and the man got his sight back. This man was not born blind but became blind. That is why even before Jesus rinsed his eyes he could recognise people but blurred like trees. So he knew trees.
Today let’s pray for God to wash and rinse our sinfulness which is blinding us to a point of not making a difference between true love and fake love. Many people celebrated day of loved ones yesterday and many received flowers which by now are having signs of withering. Many were from fake love.

My sister Kukie would tell me that “nowadays there is no love but patience!” It’s true even as God works slowly in openning tbe man’s eyes (it was not instant – like kenyan soap said to be of ‘muosho moja tu’) but slowly and surely. That is why we need to have patience in order to see.

Patience also helps us to be thankful for the little wonders from God before we can see the great marvels that He wants to do for us.

Indeed, love is patient. And God is surely patient with us for being so slow to see His love for us and so quick to sin and turn away from Him.

So as God is patient with us, may we also be patient with others. Even if we brokeup yesterday, let’s be patient and forgive one another for giving us fake rose flowers in a one day’s Valentine or ten years’ valentine. Being patient and forgiving will be the first expression of our love for them.

St. Theresa of the child Jesus, please pick for us a red rose from the heavenly garden and send to us with a message of love. Ask God to grant us vision to see true love and tell Him we love Him. Amen.


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