Pancake Day!!!

Pancake race is celebrated in England every year. This year, a 40 years old lady won the 415 – yard sprint while holding a pancake and a flying pan. Like the Italian carnevalle, the Enlish people have the pancake party a day or so before the begining of Quaresma. While the Italian say bye (carne addio) to meat, the Englishmen say bye to eggs and fat. Legend has it that the Olney race started in 1445 when a housewife, dashing to get to church on time, arrived at the service clutching in her hand a frying pan with a pancake still in it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What do people give up for Lent in your place?

Which culture give up stealing, curruption, abuse of drugs, murder, et cetra during this Lent?

Even the catholics who claim lent to be theirs per se do they? 


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