Little Flower’s Reflection


Genesis 2.7-9, 3.1-7; Romans 5.12-29; Mt. 4.1-11)

In today’ reflection, let us summarize into three statements.

1. The Original Sin (Peccantum Originale)

2. The Personal sin

3. Salvation and Defeat of Sins

Many people tend to presume that woman (Eve) brought sin to man (Adam) but the reading of today tell us that during the temptation of Eve, Adam was there. Adam ‘s mistake is that he failed in his duty to protect the woman from Satan and secondly, he is guilty of disobedience since he had a choice of refusing the fruit offered to him but he kept silent. Evil thrive because of the good men keeping silent. We are all called to condemn evil and prevent it from thriving.

The breaking of a simple rule of food due to gluttony and pride was the beginning of evil. Adam and Eve had everything they needed but wanted more even to be like God.

After this fall, God pushed by his mercy made the first covenant with man by sending the law through the hands of Moses. Our brothers Muslims believe that God had a big Books called Um-Kutub. He divided it into three copies. The first copy called Torah was sent to Israelite but people did not obey it. He sent the second copy called Injili but Christians did not obey it. Then he sent the final book called Q’ran.

For us Christians, the second covenant is the coming of Jesus whom today we hear being faced by temptations. All the temptations of humanity can be grouped into three; pleasure, power and wealth. Jesus was asked to misuse his power to turn stones into bread. He was tempted to command his angels to save him from breaking his limbs. He was tempted to adore Satan and become rich with all Kingdom given to him.

Jesus did not keep silent like Adam but condemned the evil.
there in the desert, He fasted for 40 days and 40 nights and that’s where we get that 40 days of Lent.

And after those 40 days and 40 nights, Jesus was very hungry and it was then that the devil began tempting Him.

Using the Bible, he triumphed over Satan. But what is the Bible?  The Word of God. John the Evangelist tell us that Jesus is the Word.

Through one man, Adam, evil came into the world and it is through one man, Second Adam, Evil was defeated.

Let’s us pray that the Holy Spirit may  help us to win the battle against evils of this world and much more for the catechumens who are preparing for the Sacraments of initiation during Pasqua.

St. Theresa of Lisieux, pray for us


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