Maria Addolorata



O dear Lady, Mother of Sorrows, I want to pause and reflect on all those situations where you have more Soffer-to. I want to stay a bit ‘of time with you and remember with gratitude what You have suffered for me. At your suffering, which continued for the entire span of your earthly life, sco-one even my suffering, and also those of all the fathers and mothers, of all young patients, children and the elderly, so that their every pain is accepted with love and every cross is brought with hope in your heart. Amen.



Mary in the Temple listening to the prophecy of Simeon.

O Mary, while in the temple You presentavi God your Son, the old Simeon foretold you that your Son would be a sign of contradiction and that your soul would be pierced by a sword of sorrow. These same words were already a sword for your soul: you have kept these words, like the others, in your heart. Thank you, Maria. I offer this mystery for all those parents that what-so Siasi are suffering for their children .   7 Ave Maria.


Maria flees to Egypt to save Jesus.

O Mary, you had to flee with your Son in Egypt, because the powerful of the earth stood up against him to kill him. it is hard to imagine all the feelings that you feel when, at the invitation of your Spouse, You’re up in the middle of the night and you took your child to escape, that Child in which riconoscevi and adored the Messiah and the Son of God. You are It remained without those securities that the home and the hearth know you offer-king. Six escaped, and so you have associated with those who have no roof over their heads or living in foreign countries, without a country. O Mary, I turn to you, who are Mother, and pray for those forced to flee their homes. I pray for the refugees, for the persecuted, exiled to pray for the poor, who do not have sufficient means to make a home and a family. Please particularly for those who, due to family conflicts, have abandoned their family and they live on the road: for young people who disagree with their parents, for spouses who are separated, for people which are rejected. Guide them, O Mary, through their suffering to the “new home”. 7 Ave Maria.


Maria loses and finds Jesus.

O Mary, for three days, with inexpressible grief, you tried your Son, and finally, full of joy, you have found in the temple. The suffering lasted long in your heart. The penalty was great because you were aware of your responsibilities. Did you know that Heavenly Father has given you his Son, the Messiah Redeemer. Therefore, your pain was immense, and the joy after the re-trovamento was certainly boundless. O Mary, pray for the young people who have moved away from their homes and consequently are suffering a lot. I pray for those who had to leave home for health reasons and are found only in hospitals. Please especially for those young people who have been deprived of love and peace, and they do not know what the father’s house. You also want to search, O Mary, and makes you leave find, because the construction of a new world becomes increasingly possible. 7 Ave Maria.


Mary meets Jesus carrying the cross.

O Mary, you met your son while carrying the Cross. Who could describe the pain you felt at that time? I am speechless … O Mother SS., Pray for those who are left alone in their grief. Visit the prisoners, and comfort; visit the sick; It goes to meet those who are lost. Incline a caress to those who are suffering from incurable diseases, such as when for the last time on earth have cherished your Son. Help them to offer their suffering for the salvation of the world, as you yourself – ac-hand to your son – offered yourself your pain. 7 Ave Maria.   

Let’s pray:

O     Mary, humble servant of the Lord, you’re the-skiing grab from blessed-tude promised by your Son with those carrying out the will of the Father, help us to be docile to the will of God for us and accept our way of the cross with the same love with which thou hast received and reach.


Mary is present at the crucifixion and death of Jesus.

O Mary, you contemplate while you’re standing next to your dying Son. Had he followed with pain, and now with inconsolable grief you are under his Cross. O Mary, your faithfulness in suffering is really great. You have a stout heart, the pain did not you closed your heart in the face of new tasks: to desire of the Son, becomes the Mother of us all. Please, Maria, for those who care for the sick. Help them pay with love in their care. He gives strength and courage to those who do not make the next sick bay. In particular, bless the mothers who have children sick; It does that for them the rest against the cross be a healthy thing. Merge to your Mother’s pain the grueling hard work of those who for years or for life is called to serve their sick loved ones. 7 Ave Maria.


Maria receives arms Jesus down from the cross.

I watch you, O Mary, while immersed in the deepest grief, receive on your knees the dead body of your Son. Your pain continues even when its finished. The still warm once with your maternal womb, with the goodness and love of your heart. O Mother, I consecrate myself to you at this time. I consecrate my pain, the pain of all men. I consecrate the people who are alone, abandoned, rejected, you are in dispute with others. I consecrate the whole world. Let them be welcomed in your motherly protection. Let the world become one family, where everyone feels brothers and sisters. 7 Ave Maria.


Mary accompanies Jesus’ burial.

O Mary, you accompanied him to the grave. You sobbed and wept over him, as one grieves for his only son. Many people in the world live in pain because they have lost loved ones. Consolali you, and gives them the comfort of faith. Many are without faith and hope, and they struggle in the problems of this world, losing confidence and zest for life. O Mary, intercede for them, because they have faith and find their way. Both destroyed the evil, and fio-risca a new life, the life that is born from your suffering and from the tomb of your Son. Amen. 7 Ave Maria.   

Let’s pray:

O     God, you wanted me next to your Son, lifted up on the cross, was this your Sorrowful Mother: ‘do that your Church which with her in the passion of Christ and share in his resurrection. For the same Thy Son, Who is God and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever. Amen.



 Holy Mary, pray for us

Holy Mother of God, pray for us

Holy Virgin of Virgins, pray for us     

Mother of the Crucified, pray for us  

Mother sorrowful, pray for us

Mother tearful, pray for us

Mother afflicted, pray for us

Mother forlorn, pray for us

Mother desolate, pray for us

Mother of private child, pray for us

Mother pierced by the sword, pray for us

Mother immersed in troubles, pray for us

Mother of stuffed anguish, pray for us

Mother driven in her heart to the cross, pray for us

Mestissima Mother, pray for us

Source of tears, pray for us

Accumulation of suffering , pray for us

Mirror of patience, pray for us

Rock of constancy, pray for us

Still confidence, pray for us

Refuge of helpless, pray for us

Defense of the oppressed, pray for us

Refuge of unbelievers, pray for us

Relief of the poor, pray for us

of languishing Medicine, pray for us

Strength of the weak, pray for us

Haven of the shipwrecked, pray for us

Stillness in storms, pray for us

Appeal of mourners, pray for us

Terror of demons, pray for us

Treasure of the faithful, pray for us

Light of the prophets, pray for us

Guide of the Apostles, pray for us

Crown of martyrs, pray for us

Support of confessors, pray for us

Pearl of virgins, pray for us

Consolation of widows, pray for us

Mother of orphans, pray for us

Letizia of all the saints, pray for us

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world

Spare us, O Lord

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world

hear us, Lord

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world

Have mercy on us


Let us pray : O God, you have wished that the Virgin’s life was marked by the mystery of suffering, grant, we pray, to walk with her on the path of faith and unite our sufferings to Christ’s passion that it may become an occasion of grace and tool of salvation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen


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