Flosculus Reflexionis

Friday 11 August 2017

(Saint Clare, Virgin)

(Deuteronomio iv, 32-40; Matteo xvi, 24-28)

St. Anthony of Padua is a popular saint in the Franciscan order like the saint of the day, Clare. Anthony was born from a very rich family, he renounced worldly wealth in favour of Christ. He enrolled to monastery at the age of 15 like saint theresa of lisieux.

In order to serve God totally and work for the souls of men, he asked permission from his superiors to move from Lisborn to Coimbra. He chose to move far from thr comforts of his parents. It is not tgst he did not love them but he loved God more and he took the cross. Thus, we also must deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Christ.

Deny of self, carry cross and follow 

The cost of discipleship is the denial of the self and offering the self to God completely. There are crosses and a lot of other challenges on the way but we have to follow Jesus.

All in all, we must not fear since God is powerful. He has performed many wonders to us like he did to Israelites.

St. Clara joined st francis and she started a feminine Franciscan at Damiano. She was very close Francis and followed his teachings strictly 


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